The following data gets collected, or may be collected with your permission, when you vist (hereafter called “Our Website”) and any “Subpage” under the domain of the same name! All data, which isn’t stored as Cookie or within the HTML 5 Storage on your Computer, are saved in two of the securest data centers located in Austria (Europe). We are using the sevices from World 4 You to host our websites and databases.

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Unique ID

Each user gets a unique anonymous Pseudo-ID (Identifier), which consits of the hashed IP Address (for our techgeeks: “md5( )”) and the transmitted user agent string of your browser. This data gets also encrypted with an unnamed, website-unique SALT value using the strong BLOWFISH algorithm, which generates a unique identification per user AND browser. This anonymized information is stored ONLY in our database and is used for the following functions:

  • The “real” count of page views per user / browser.
  • The evaluation of surveys (or polls), if participated.

We explicitly point out that this hashed and encrypted information CANNOT be traced back to the respective user, without spending a lot of effort, energy and time! The creation of this unique, anonymous ID also takes place without the consent of the user and CANNOT be deleted or filtered on request due to the high degree of anonymization!

Cookies & HTML 5 Storage

We are using Cookies and the HTML 5 Storage to improve your experience and to collect informations about you or your behavior on YOUR own device! Below you will find all the informations within the main Cookie, as well as on the HTML 5 Storage, which are currently collected (if you already accepted the Cookie Message, of course).

You're still undecided, the Cookie / HTML 5 Storage Message is still open.


The order of our Newsletter requires some personal informations, such as your eMail address or your full name (you can also use a Pseudonym, of course). However, this data is indispensable to enable the delivery of our Newsletter eMails. You also need to confirm the subscription by clicking the registration link (which you immediatly receive per eMail) within the next 72 hours. Your data gets deleted immediately after the expiration of this time. Each Newsletter contains also a link to unsubscribe this service, which also leads to the complete and irrevocable deletion of your data!