My Websites
Cover - Website about my Bludit Projects


Next to WordPress / ClassicPress I'm also really addicted to the Flat-File content management system Bludit. This fascination has been resulted in many different plugins, and all of them find their home on the Bludit-driven website codeBLU.

Cover - Experimental Bludit Project


GamesPIT is an public-editable experimental Bludit Project, which is used as test-case for my future Bludit Plugins and Systems. I'm currently testing an advanced user management, custom page and archive types as well as the GDPR-friendly possibility for users to add own content and revise the existing one. Everything happens still on the Flat-File environment of the Bludit CMS.

Cover - German Blog written in Python (WiP)


I love to write about programming, design, games and everything may important in my mind and I already tried many different platforms and systems to spread my thoughts. But everything felt kind of strange, so I decided to create my own website, using an own design, written on an own small micro cms just using the Python-based micro framework


snout.less - node.js written Less Web-Compiler


I previously switched from Less to SASS (using the SCSS Syntax), but back in time as I still was fascinated by Less, I created a small Online Web-Compiler, allowing to configure the respective CSS Output. The website is hosted on and is completely writtin in JavaScript using node.js as Server environment.


Bottle.PY - New documentation Website

I really love to use the Micro-Framework, when I develop websites in Python instead of PHP. After consultation with the main developer of bottle, I decided to create a new, more friendly and welcome documentation and presentation website for this awesome project itself. The website is build with the Sphinx Python package, using an own custom theme engine.


Vest Events - German Event Manager


Vest-Events is a german based Event Management Company, which asked me to create a new Website, using WordPress instead of Joomla which has been used before. The design is written using SASS / SCSS as pre-processor and corresponds to all wishes of the customer himself. The website also offers a shift management for the employee, a self-written PHP WordPress Plugin.


Katharina Rüdiger - German Make-up & Hairstylist

WordPress is a german based Make-up & Hairstylist, which asked me to create a new website, using WordPress instead of a plain HTML / CSS template as used before. The design is written using Less as pre-processor and corresponds to all wishes of the customer himself.