Synders.Toolkit v.0.2.6
A bunch of useful and time-saving ATOM tools and utilities like a Project Header Maintainer, a base64 En-/Decoder and a beautifier for too long Strings!

Synders Toolkit is a bunch of useful and time-saving tools and utilities for GitHubs ATOM Code Editor. Please Note The “Synders Toolkit” package is still Alpha and still “Work in Progress” and currently contains just 3 different “Synder Tools”.


  • Create / Update / Maintain Project file headers
  • Base64 Decode/Encode Selections & Complete Files
  • Beautify “Too-Long” CSS / LESS / SASS / SCSS Strings
  • Render / Compile LESS Files into CSS


  • Minify JavaScript using UglifyJS 3 / babili-standalone (or similar)
  • Validate Stylesheets (CSS / LESS) and HTML Code Files / Codes


How To Beautify

Copyright & License

Published under the MIT-License; Copyright © 2018 SamBrishes, pytesNET

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