Awesome Scripts and Libraries without dependencies for everyone!

  • JavaScript

    A BBCode Markup Parser written in pure vanilla JavaScript, which supports over 58 BBCode Tags (+ 12 Aliases, + Tag Attributes) and is also available as nodeJS and AMD (requireJS) Module.

  • JavaScript CSS 3 LESS

    Use a beautiful pure vanilla Date/Time Picker with the tail.DateTime JavaScript library. It doesn’t need any dependencies and still offers many featured, options and functions to set up a working Calendar Interface!

  • JavaScript CSS 3

    A powerful and Open Source GitHub Flavored Markdown Markup Editor using a default textarea field, and written in pure vanilla JavaScript with a jQuery and a MooTools implementation.

  • JavaScript CSS 3 LESS

    The tail.select script is back and ready to beautify your (multiple) select fields again, now also with an own search method and many features to increase the usability and handling on many as well as on just a few options!

All projects listed above are published under the MIT License!
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