The Life and Goal Roadmap of pytesNET
June 2010
pytesNET was born

The idea to create an own Web (or Programming) Company existed long before, but in the middle of 2010 it finally got his name pytesNET. It starts without logo, and without anything, except two WordPress plugins called Dexs Extended Notepad Widget and Dexs PM System.

The first one was a “Google Keep” similar note widget for the dashboard, the second one a extensive private messaging system. Both has been published on my very old WordPress Profile “sam-brishes” (Which is funny, because WordPress already disabled the possibility to use “-” within the profile name)! Both aren’t on the official repository anymore due to highly security issues (which I never fixed).

31. January 2013
Domain Registration

It took 2 and a half years until pytesNET got his really own and unique home, under an own domain. The first official website was released a few days after the domain registration, hosted by World4You and powered by WordPress, of course. It already uses the pytesNET known color, just in a bit darker.

The only product, which this website has shown, was a nerdy WordPress Sidebar Widget Plugin called Dexs Random PoKéMoN, which shows just Random PoKéMoNs using the respective (animated) Sprites. It wasn’t my best work, I’m not really proud of that! I also documented my progress on the “reincarnation” of my Dexs PM System plugin!

Mid 2013 - Mid 2014
Good Start - Bad End

In Mid 2013 I registered an own company in Austria, because I already had a few customers for which I wrote new websites, set-up and configured WordPress and structured their content. Next to them I also maintained and wrote for an own “Social-Media and Gaming” Magazine (which also received MANY clicks, for my conditions), AND i tried also to work on my very own pytesNET projects.

Everything went perfect, until I was fooled by 2 companies (one of them was also really known in Germany and Austria) which I discovered out way too late. In Mid 2014 I also had a really hard private life, which ends up with a short homeless time and a new “beginning” in Germany.

End 2014 - Begin 2016
Life goes Up and Down

This was a really hard time for me and pytesNET. I tried to get my life running again, tested many things and played with many projects. One of them was the first version of our script (which was jQuery only) on End of 2014. But my life still went downhill (and I’m really thankful for my “helping hand” at this time), until I finally got a part-time job on a big company on February 2016. I could fast move into my own apartment with nothing inside, except a small kitchen (for 50 bucks) and the 2 cheapest computer I could found (both for 40 Bucks).

In this time I wrote the really first version of the tail.writer script, which was MooTools only, but was briefly available for jQuery also. I tried to find myself, and the idea behind pytesNET, which ends up with a small mid-life-crisis (I guess).

End 2017 - End 2018
pytesNET is Back

On the end of 2017 and the begin of 2018 I took the will to make pytesNET great again, which started with an re-written and tail.writer script, the new tail.DateTime and tail.BBSolid packages as well as a few new Web Applications, Websites and Toolkits.

The first version of this website went online on the 10th May of 2018, and got a relaunch on the third November in the same year (because the first design was ugly). I tried many things in 2018, learned new skills (CoffeeScript, LESS, SASS, SCSS), refreshed existing ones (JavaScript, Python 3 and PHP 7) and tried to manage and prepare pytesNET for 2019, the year of the Synder.

The Future is near!

The next Year (2019), will be the year of pytesNET. I have MANY ideas, MANY projects and MANY energy to make pytesNET much bigger and better as never before.

But will it work too? Probably not (all), but I still hope that the most projects I’m working on brings me a bit closer to my goal.

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