As I’ve promised, I don’t let you leave this year without our weekly pit.daily format. Today we’re talking about the year 2018 (Year Review *clap* *clap*) and looking forward to 2019.

The Past

The year 2018 was an important one for pytesNET as well as for me in personal. We re-released our and tail.writer script, both re-written in pure vanilla JavaScript. We also developed the tail.DateTime and tail.BBSolid packages. We designed and released this website (2 times, after I was happy enough with the design). We created a small ATOM Toolkit, called (Synders Toolkit), and published the LESS WebCompiler AND a shortlinker. The shortlinker is already in use, but didn’t work as it should, therefore we didn’t introduced it yet.

We also wrote a few other things, which are either not finished, were deleted due to an internal error or haven’t become as expected and may gets deleted too or completely changed / updated. Many of this projects were besides of JavaScript, and were really special for pytesNET and myself. So I tried to make this project as special as possible, but to achieve this I had to learn many new things, changed some coding styles and behaviours and also had to change some settings in my personal life.

So many things happened, many things broke, but pytesNET is still there and tries to reach his personal Roadmap, achievements and Life / company Goals! And I’m really hopeful that 2019 will be our Year, the year of Synder (This is the pissed-looking wolf head on the top left).


The Future

The coming year will be full of projects and updates. We try to reach the first stable versions in all of our tail.projects, want to extend and evolve our Web Applications and Toolkits, extend and take care of our Websites and write and publish new content and informations on it. But the coming year will also be full of cringy moments, because we want to try as many as possible, which includes also some REALLY special things in my native language (German).

The coming year should also change the current way, which I’m currently walking together with pytesNET. This includes some many changes, and many work outside of the ATOM, Notepad++ and Spyder editors. However, I don’t want to announce something in this direction at the moment, but when it comes you will be the first one who gets introduced! I’m really happy with pytesNET as my main project and side-job, but I’m also really afraid about its future.


In conclusion:
Thanks for your Support, your Likes, your Watches, your Forks, your Issues and your Pull Requests. Thanks for sharing our websites, applications and projects, Thanks for following us on our Social Media Accounts (GitHub and Twitter). Thanks for noticing us!


I wish you a happy new year, may your dreams come true too!

Sam @ pytesNET!