Hellow World! A new pit.daily episode appears on your screen and I talk about the wonderful word “Very Soon” and a small new update for our Website, which template is now official released on GitHub. Let’s start with a small poem, suitable for today’s spectacle.

Remember Remember,
10 Days after December.
tail.select should be released very soon,
nothing happened until the blood moon.

What means “Very Soon”?

I’m currently working on a new major release for tail.select, which I tweeted on the 10th January this year. I actually said Should be released very soon! and now, more then 10 days later, nothing happened at all. The reason behind this was a small rebuild of the official pytes.net Stylesheet, because I switched from pure CSS to Less. Together I also updated a few colours, including the official pytesNET colour, and changed as well as added some new neat stylings and elements!

The new pytesNET Theme

This small re-styling was an important step for the official pytesNET WordPress theme, which is now available in Version 0.2.0 on our GitHub. The first public version contains almost anything, except a few secrets and keys, and a small Game, which is still unfinished. The theme itself isn’t complete, of course, some ideas and (product) pages are still in progress and will released “soon”.

One part of our new theme are the “Tooltips”, which I released detached from the theme on our CodePen.io account. I also released an own article about our Tooltip Paradise, which is just the start of the “HowToJS” series. A blog series which shows and talks about JavaScript scripts and libraries, next to our PHP HowTos. I want to expand this Tutorial and Explanation series with other languages too (Python, for example), but that will take some time (so no “very soon” here!).

Writing vs. Programming

I mentioned in the last pit.daily episode, that I will not focus on writing and more on programming. But the current WordPress template explicitly shows the opposite, due to the new HowTo and Just Vanilla Blog promotions. How can that be? … Yeah, I know, but it’s still true. Programming > Writing Posts about Programming: But I still want to publish one or two posts per week and if I already publish something I want to promote it with style, instead of just show it within a list.

Last but not Least: Have a nice blood moon day, play Terraria and comment something below!