Hellow, as you may have noticed I didn’t released a new pit.daily episode on the last Monday. This happened, because I was really busy playing with the Content Management System Bludit, which is also a main topic on this episode. I really want to apologize to the two people, who reading this and the one who waited in vain last week.

Bludit – FlatFile CMS

The Bludit CMS is a really neat and powerful FlatFile CMS, which works as the name suggests completely without a “real” database (such as MySQL or PostgreSQL). Each setting or page gets stored directly within a .json or .txt file. I’m really impressed about this CM system and the programming API, that I want to support this project. And as you may have seen, this website is already showing it within a panel on the sidebar.

But that’s not enough, I also want to work with this system next to just show a small Ad for it. I want to use it as default demonstration engine for our (future) Web Templates, which of course also gets written and published for Bludit. But the current version (3.5.0) doesn’t offer an own theme extension API, so I had to write us a small helper file (as well as a respective user-side plugin). I call it paw.designer and you can find it on GitHub and the official Bludit Forum. I also designed a demonstration template for this plugin, just to show of the single options and possibilities. (You can check it out here)

tail.select goes wild

I’m currently also working on our tail.select script, or better on the new major release: 0.6.0. It won’t contain any big new feature, just a way better Less environment a better Bootstrap2, Bootstrap3 and Bootstrap4 support as well as a new default colour scheme for the latest version of this framework. It also contains a few bugfixes, the most of them concerns the ECMAScript 2015 version.

Vue.JS or Angular support in the future?

I don’t have any idea about Vue.JS or Angular(JS), but I’m still very interested about this both Front-end application frameworks. It isn’t solid, however, I think about to offer a respective support for one (or both) of them, at least for our tail.select script. I don’t know when it will happen and if it will, at least. The same applies for the Plugins, which I plan to write for our Select replacement script. The Plugins are planed, because I don’t want to increase the core package size more then needed. And the most of this additional features aren’t such important, that it MUST be within the core package itself.

Programming vs. Writing

There is still a lot of work ahead of us, not only regarding to the new Web Templates and the tail.select script. However, these two topics are currently receiving the greatest possible attention, but I also working on our WordPress template (I try to re-write the CSS environment into Less to adapt the colours easier, for example) and many other projects. Some more important than the others.

Finally, it should be said that I will not be able to publish an pit.daily article weekly but I will give my best to handle this and keep you informed. I mean there should have already been published two other post, but that was also too difficult to lead through. This articles will still appear of course, but my plan to post 2 – 3 article next to pit.daily per week seems to be an impossible goal (at least if I still want to program). But I’ll give my best.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice week!