Merry Christmas, for everyone who celebrates it. In Austria, Switzerland and Germany we use the Christmas Eve (the 24th December) to gift our friends and family, mostly at the Christmas tree. Many other lands and countries do this on the early morning of the next day (25th). We also don’t wait for Santa Claus, rather after his helper the “Christkind” (Christ-Child, in english)!

For myself I don’t celebrate “Weihnachten” (as we call it in German), but I also need to work today on my real job. So I don’t have any time for this either. Nevertheless, I promised to publish every week a small update round about pytesNET, called pit.daily, and here it is!

Nothing happened

That’s true!


Okay, that isn’t completely correct, because we received 2 new issues on our script. It currently has a really terrible performance on searching, when using multiple attributes on the option fields. That’s because of the used RegExp algorithm, AndrewDRX also created a pull request offering a fix by using a Array-based search through the options list instead. It’s maybe the better solution, but I didn’t found any time yet to check, test and find the best handling for this.

Edit: Meanwhile, the new update 0.5.5 has been released, which fixes this terrible performance issue.

tail.DateTime on place #2

Our tail.DateTime JavaScript project received 4 new stars and overtook definitively the tail.writer script (Currently 8 stars). It was a long head to head race between this 2 tail.projects! But I need to say, that the tail.writer JavaScript package doesn’t received any update since 3 months(!). We’re working on a new major release (0.4.0), unfortunately this MAY will not appear before next year.

Why didn’t anything happen?

We are currently serve a customer with 2 exclusive WordPress themes, which takes a bit more time as expected. We’re trying to work on our projects on each free second, but it’s not really easy to manage both with the same time, love & effort. And we don’t want to publish something “unworking” or stupid.

The day hasn’t enough hours to handle all the projects we are working on, and which are planned. However, next year we will try to reach our first Goal on our way. This first step contains some really stupid, cringy, strange stuff next to some projects which costs a lot of time (and money, and neural).


The next pit.daily gets published on the 31th December, so the last day of this year, where I also need to work. And which I also don’t celebrate, I’m just watching the fireworks. Until then, I wish you some really awesome Christmas, with many great gifts and a beautiful time with your family, friends and pets.