Hello and welcome to our new (hopefully) weekly Blog series called pit.daily! Our new format to spread some words about (internal) happenings, events and everything about our projects and work! Let’s not lose any further words, and get straight to the topic.


The most configurable Less WebCompiler has arrived the serverless (and free) space from zeit.co. You can directly check it out by surfing to less.pytes.net. But Attention: This project is still in a really high Alpha level, so it may contain some issues (which you can report here).

Less is a preprocessor Stylesheet language, which needs to get compiled to CSS using the official Less Compiler or Less.js. This Compilers doesn’t own any settings to configure the returning CSS Output. It’s only a small matter, of course, but many WebDevlopers forces their own CSS Stylings and doesn’t want to restrict itself, which possibly leads to ignore Pre-Processing languages at all.

Our WebCompiler intervenes here, and allows to set up the desired CSS Styling using 4 different options. You can also get a minified version (using Less or Clean CSS) as well as configurable SourceMaps. The current version isn’t perfect, but starts with a few more possibilities as other Web Compilers. Future Features will be multiple files, One-Click Support to include EST (EFE Styling Toolkit), Settings Storage (using the HTML 5 Storage) and more.

Synders ATOM Toolkit

We’re developing a Utility and Toolkit package for GitHubs Code Editor ATOM. It’s more intended for internal use, but you can still try it using the install button on atom.io. It currently contains just 3 1/2 settings as listed below. The last feature is too experimental, and currently doesn’t work as intended. The next major version (0.2.0) should now implement this function correctly!

  • De-/Encode Strings into Base64
  • Beautify “Too-Long” CSS / LESS / SASS / SCSS Strings
  • Render / Compile LESS Files into CSS (Using our own CSS Stylings)
  • Create / Update / Maintain Project file headers

The coming updates may also contain: Individual settings for the single features, Minifier for JavaScript and CSS Files and maybe some really basic Validation for HTML and CSS (including an auto-prefixer).


Our tail.writer script will arrive the next major version (0.4.0), which frees him from GitHub Flavored Markdown. This will be the first version, which supports multiple markdown languages (GFMarkdown, textile and BBCodes), another languages are coming in future releases too! The tail.datetime script will also receive a new major release to 0.5.0, which contains a ECMAScript 2015 (ES 6) version, additional themes and stylings as well as the possibility to select a range of dates and/or times.

A new major update for tail.select and tail.BBSolid are also planned, but probably will not appear until next year. We are also working on one another scripts (tail.sortable), which may also gets released in 2019.

The future of tail

Our three main tail.scripts (select, datetime and writer) may reach the stable state (1.0.0) after the jump up to 0.6.0. The 0.5.0 release will always contain a ECMAScript 2015 / ES 6 version as well as some features (of course), 0.6.0 contains support for commonJS (using a DOM Library) and the last planned functions. Thereupon a small “test phase” will round up the whole script with an further step to 1.0.0 (which may doesn’t contain many new features compared to the 0.6.0 version). Again: This currently only subject our 3 main scripts, BBSolid and the upcoming sortable may receive and own version history!