Hello and Welcome to our official Project Website, my Name is Sam and I’m really proud that pytesNET has finally found a home in the Internet after an endless eternity. pytesNET already started in 2010 and whenever a “official page” was about to be released, there was a disaster which delayed or destroyed everything! But Finally the domain “pytes.net” redirects you to this WordPress installation, I’m really happy, even if this site isn’t completely ready / finished as you may have seen.

What is pytesNET?

pytesNET is another nice (Web) Developement / Programming project, but we don’t limit ourselves to WordPress, Web-Programming and PHP. We are working, next to an own Content Mangement System (FlatFox), a JavaScript GitHub Flavored Markdown Editor (tail.writer), and many other Web-related projects, also on a TKinter Environment Wrapper, called Lite (written in Python, of course).

So, we are not like any other Bootstrap company, who sells themes which all look the same just with different color schemes / arrangements. And we are also not a WordPress-reserved Theme and Plugin drop campaign. We are a creative, crazy, joyful (even if the logo doesn’t look like this) group of people who will try just everything what they want.

We don’t code because we can, we code because we love to.

What awaits me on pytes.NET?

This website will list, show and present all of our projects, of course. However, we also want to write some informative, educational, helpful and cute blog entries about our or other interesting projects, about programming or programming languages itself or just some instructions or any other interesting stuff.

But as mentioned at the beginning, this website isn’t finished yet, our project pages are just some “Maintenance” landing pages, and many other elements are still missing or currently shows just some placeholder stuff. So we are still working on our official representation, but we couldn’t wait until everything is set up and polished.

So thanks for reading and stay tuned.