#5 – npmaddict.com

This website tries to publish a bunch (average of 30) of new / updated NPM packages every day, without repeating them (too often). The respective project requires either at least 5 GitHub stars (so you need to link the GitHub repository within your package.json). Or you add the special property “reveal”, set to true, into the package.json file. The filtering is probably automatic, but that’s not exactly described in the FAQ.

npmaddict.com is may not the best source to find specific, or Fontend/Backend based, packages per se. But it’s a really nice daily injection of npm packages in general. I found this website only due to the “Referring Sites” panel on the GitHub Traffic page of our tail.select library.



#4 – libraries.io

libraries.io is a global watch manager for almost all package manager out there. It allows you to keep informed about updates and publications, but also shows new and updated content from the respective managers. It isn’t really moderated, you can rather see it as an global interface for NPM, Atom.io, Bower, and so on.

However, it offers a “SourceRank” called ranking, which is based and calculated from 14 different aspects. It also lists some meta informations, latest versions, dependencies, contributors and further data (fetched from the package.json, GitHub and maybe also other files).


#3 – cssscript.com

The websites cssscript.com and jqueryscript.net are both from the same developer and author. Despite the name you will find pure, vanilla JavaScript scripts and libraries on both platforms. The first side will also contain some nice CSS 3 experiments and projects, and the last one contains – of course – also some jQuery based action.

Both platforms are still moderated and you will receive up to 5 projects daily (so 10 projects all together). The author doesn’t filter anything and the published posts doesn’t depends on GitHub (stars) or anything else. It just SHOULD be a Frontend project, of course!


#2 – plainjs.com

plainjs.com is owned by the developers and owners of pixabay.com (a source of “free” images and graphics), and offers a repository of plain, vanilla JavaScript tools and libraries. The respective JavaScripts gets described in 2 / 3 sentences and receives a small 5-stars half-based rating. It also links to the demonstration and GitHub repository pages, and shows some alternatives next to the single scripts. The website is may not the most comprehensive platform, and you can play through the complete repertoire also relatively fast. However, it is still a good point to start with and maybe it will be filled a bit more next year.

As JavaScript developer I need to say, that I get really many clicks from this website to our tail.projects. So it really makes sense, to publish your packages and scripts also on plainjs.com! It’s also free of course, and I REALLY hope, that this platform will be further developed (@plainJS, I’m ready to help)


#1 – javascripting.com

JavaScripting.com is a moderated and really extensive platform with hundreds of JavaScript plugins, well organized in many categories. Each script needs at least 80 stars on GitHub (so you need to publish your JavaScript project on GitHub too). The platform itself also uses the GitHub repository to show the README.md file as well as the respository directory. It also calculates some meta informations about each single project.

It just provides a small description on his own, and doesn’t show any direct alternative to a single script or library. But it’s maybe – at least for the time of this post – the best platform to find high quality and well received packages and libraries (frontend and backend based!).



Many websites come and go, since JavaScript is cool enough to play with and talk about. The most of them are just online for a few months, or don’t receive any content after the same time. So it is really hard to recommend a good platform for JavaScript-based content. A good example is unheap.com, which looks REALLY beautiful and has a lot of potential, but isn’t maintained since 2017.

All websites above are still maintained and continue to receive new plugins and libraries, at least at the time of this post! And websites like jquery-plugins.net or web-scripts.net are currently also. So check them out and try to keep them alive, with your clicks, because nobody likes dead / unmaintained websites!