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5 WebTools to simplify your DevLife
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This aritcle writes about 5 really awesome and useful WebTools and WebApplications which WILL simplify your (Web)Developers Life! Trust me!

5 CSS Properties, you should’ve heard of
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I found 5-more unknown CSS Properties, who may expand your CSS Design repertoire again: CSS Variables, CSS Counters, empty-cells and …

Just Vanilla: #02 – The easy way to play with classNames
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The second part of our “Just Vanilla – Why you don’t need a library like jQuery” series shows you how you can handle your elements classNames on your own!

Just Vanilla: #01 – You don’t need a Selector Engine
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The first part of our “Just Vanilla – Why you don’t need a library like jQuery” series deals with the heavy Selector Engines used by these (like Sizzle).

HowToPHP – A small PKZIP script
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Did you ever wonder how PKZIP programs, or the complete ZIP structure in general, works and how you can write your own PKZIP Script in just PHP? … No? … Oh, okay. Nevermind.

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