About Me


My name is SamBrishes (or Martin Ziegler in Real Life) and pytesNET is my platform to publish my programming stuff, such as Themes, Plugins, Scripts but also (Web) Applications and whole Systems and Platforms. I learn and use different programming languages to achieve this and I'm not opposed to new things.

You can find all of my skills, which I've acquired so far on my portfolio.

How everything started

PureBasic DVD Cover

I was 14 years old when I tried to learn programming. Back then everything started with a PureBasic DVD, which I found at an electronic retailer (Media Markt). Of course, I didn't achieve anything except of a small scroll-up space shooter consisting of a triangle that flies up and tries to destroy Comet-Like blobs. Since I didn't know anything about threads, procedures or co-workers I had big issues with the parallelization of animations. So the "enemy" objects didn't move any more while the player "shoots".

However, after several months of despair I played a long time with Visual Basic using Microsoft's Excel. This way I also came across FrontPage (the contemporary ancestor of Visual Studio Code), which was a great help learning HTML, CSS and Basic JavaScript. After creating static Homepages using frames, I realized that this won't be really dynamic (since node.js wasn't a thing back then). While looking for a solution I discovered the programming language PHP using the text editor environment Notepad++.

It didn't take me long to get to PHP Fusion 6, which was my first Content Management System. This and PHP Fusion 7 were a great start and helped me to learn the programming language. I tried to write plugins and design themes, which not only benefited my JavaScript skills, but also brought me closer to GiMP and Photoshop.

A long journey ahead...

Someday I discovered WordPress by reading about the new Version 3.0 release. I was instantly in love with this system and designed a bunch of themes and plugins. One of them was called Dexs PM System, which was my first real success with over 5,000 installations and 5 x 5 stars (doesn't sound much now, but it really was back then). However, I had to take all of them offline due to some security vulnerabilities, which I couldn't fix due to my full time job and my little knowledge about these at this time.

So I started to upgrade my SQL and PHP skills and strengthen my expertise about security, such as XSS / CSRF attacks, Session / Cookie hijacking, Bot Protection & Detection as well as password encryption and hashing. I also learned many things about Design, Structure, Usability and, of course, CSS and JavaScript. The last one results in a jQuery-written HTML replacement library, called "tail.select" and a MooTools-written HTML textarea markup editor script, called "tail.writer". Both are still a thing, but completely re-written in plain vanilla JavaScript instead.

Since I'm really curious and open for new things, I also played a lot around with Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, Magento, MediaWiki, Wolf CMS and Bludit next to creating my own small systems. I also always stop for new programming languages, and so I learned Python 3 to create small automatization utilities and Desktop applications (using tkinter), but also to use alongside PHP with Django CMS and the micro framework bottle.py.

... until now

Today I'm still really into PHP, SQL, Python, JavaScript and HTML, CSS and try to get into new things such as the JS Server environment node.js or the "new" language Dart (with the Flutter environment) to create own mobile applications. I'm also still in love with WordPress and Bludit, and trying to keep the Content Management Simplified era alive by working on an unofficial follow up of the discontinued Wolf CMS (together with the Wolf Community).

However, it is really hard to write down the path I took to be where I am today, but at least the most important steps should be included. Everything else can be viewed on my portfolio. Anyway, thanks for reading this, you can always contact me if you've any questions using the contact page.