Month: December, 2018
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pit.daily #03 – Year Review *clap* *clap*
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As I’ve promised, I don’t let you leave this year without our weekly pit.daily format, which talks about the old Year (2018) and the incoming one (2019).

5 interesting Facts about PHP
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Wanna read some really interesting facts about the mostly hatred, mostly used, mostly backend progamming language in the Internet?

pit.daily #02 – Nothing happened
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The second episode of our weekly “round about pytesNET” format here on our website talks about: Nothing AND our JavaScript package.

Just Vanilla: #03 – Event Handlers for everyone
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Event Handlers for everyone, that’s the main topic on this Just Vanilla JavaScript episode. Because you don’t need jQuery to listen to the events!

5 Sources to find new JavaScript libraries
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This 5 JavaScript Sources will help you to find and discover new JavaScript (Frontend and Backend based) libraries and tools.

pit.daily #01 – New tools & the Roadmap of our scripts
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This is our first output of our (hopefully) weekly (internal) news format: It contains informations about snout.less, our Synder ATOM Toolkit as well as the future of our three main tail.scripts!

5 JS Features, which you can’t use on Internet Explorer
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Just 5 (of uncountable) awesome JavaScript Features (partly ES 6), which you can’t use on the complete Internet Explorer Browser Family. (+ RANT)

5 WebTools to simplify your DevLife
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This aritcle writes about 5 really awesome and useful WebTools and WebApplications which WILL simplify your (Web)Developers Life! Trust me!

5 CSS Properties, you should’ve heard of
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I found 5-more unknown CSS Properties, who may expand your CSS Design repertoire again: CSS Variables, CSS Counters, empty-cells and …

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