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Awesome Scripts and Libraries without dependencies for everyone!
JavaScript CSS Less
Create beautiful, functional and feature-rich (Multiple) Select fields: Including a dropdown search, option descriptions, IE 9 support and MORE! Without dependencies + ES 6 Module Edition!
JavaScript CSS
Turns HTML Textarea fields into feature-rich GitHub Flavored Markdown Markup editors. (Coming Soon: The next version supports also the textile and BBCode markup languages + a new API)!
JavaScript CSS Less
Show a configurable and beautiful Date/Time Picker with colorful and date-depending tooltips, definable ranges of selectable dates (Whitelist / Blacklist) and many MORE!
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Extensive and Powerful Plugins and Extensions for your System!
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Beautiful and Responsive Themes and Templates for your Website!
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Wonderful and Helpful Tools to easify and speed up your Worflow!
JavaScript CSS
The most configurable Less Online Compiler on the complete internet. Design the CSS Output due to your own CSS Format Stylings with ease + SourceMaps and Compressions!
CoffeeScript Less
A bunch of useful and time-saving ATOM tools and utilities like a Project Header Maintainer, a base64 En-/Decoder and a beautifier for too long Strings!
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Great and Incredible pytesNET Projects!
Some parts of this website are underStrict Maintenance
Who we are

pytesNET is a network of young developers, who try to make the web a pit better with our hand-written and lovingly programmed scripts, themes, tools and projects!

What we do

Our great Team at pytesNET codes useful JavaScripts, designs beautiful themes, programs powerful tools and develops amazing projects, just 4 free, just 4 you!

Where we are

The company is located in Germany, with a Server hosted in Austria, but the pytesNET Team is scattered everywhere on this big planet and maybe beyond too!

Latest Posts
pit.daily #04 – About Bludit and
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The new pit.daily episode talks about our Support of the Content Mangement System Bludit as well as our JavaScript package.

5 Languages to build the Backend of your Website
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Wanna create a website but you don’t know which language you should choose? Check out this article and find your backend language out of 6!

Just Vanilla: #04 – Animations, the clean way \1
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Animations using vanilla JavaScript or CSS 3 can be so easy, that you don’t need any library for this! Read on and write cool animations on your own!

5 JavaScripts to upgrade your Select fields
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Need a beautiful and working select replacement for your Website or project? Read this article and find 5 (+ 1) REALLY good solutions!

pit.daily #03 – Year Review *clap* *clap*
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As I’ve promised, I don’t let you leave this year without our weekly pit.daily format, which talks about the old Year (2018) and the incoming one (2019).

5 interesting Facts about PHP
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Wanna read some really interesting facts about the mostly hatred, mostly used, mostly backend progamming language in the Internet?

pit.daily #02 – Nothing happened
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The second episode of our weekly “round about pytesNET” format here on our website talks about: Nothing AND our JavaScript package.

Just Vanilla: #03 – Event Handlers for everyone
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Event Handlers for everyone, that’s the main topic on this Just Vanilla JavaScript episode. Because you don’t need jQuery to listen to the events!

5 Sources to find new JavaScript libraries
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This 5 JavaScript Sources will help you to find and discover new JavaScript (Frontend and Backend based) libraries and tools.

pit.daily #01 – New tools & the Roadmap of our scripts
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This is our first output of our (hopefully) weekly (internal) news format: It contains informations about snout.less, our Synder ATOM Toolkit as well as the future of our three main tail.scripts!

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